Beth El Synagogue has frequent trips to Israel led by clergy and lay leaders.  These encompass many different themes including the origins and modern Judaism, the land, history, art, and of course, its people.  Keep an eye on our website and other publications and feel free to contact Beth El directly for more information.


In 2005 AIPAC launched the Synagogue Initiative, a program focused on increasing the number of America’s synagogue members who participate in pro-Israel activism.

For many American Jews, the synagogue is the central address for the expression of their Jewish identities. And, throughout our modern history America’s synagogues have been at the forefront of activism. Whether we call it temple or shul, it is where we celebrate milestones, it is where we remember lives lived, and it is where we go to make a meaningful difference. From calling attention to the horrors of the Holocaust to marching in support of Soviet Jewry, our congregations have been at the heart of our activism.

Synagogues are also the place where the centrality of Israel can become a stronger part of our Jewish identity. Beth El Synagogue partners with AIPAC to ensure that there is no daylight between the United States and Israel and that the US-Israel relationship remains strong and strategic, always.

Through our partnership with AIPAC, we send scores of members to Washington, D.C. each year to participate in the annual Policy Conference. In addition, Beth El host’s an annual AIPAC shabbaton and regular Israel-related speaker events, all in the name of providing an opportunity for every affiliated American Jew to become a pro-Israel activist.