Inside/Outside: Exploring Boundaries and Otherness

Artwork by the Jewish Artists’ Laboratory
On display in Sabes JCC’s Tychman Shapiro Gallery & Shared Walls Exhibition Areas
Exhibit Dates: June 15 – August 24
Reception: June 29, 6 PM – Performance begins at 7 PM
Inside/Outside: Exploring Boundaries and Otherness is an expansive exhibit by the Jewish Artists’ Laboratory
featuring a wide array of content, context and media relating personally and globally, physically and
geographically, culturally and politically. Local artists have spent the past eight months studying together and
uncovering where these intersections are found.
Through the lens of art and Judiasm, artists examined the question: Who’s in and who’s out? What’s your bottom
line? Who is considered the other? These philosophical questions, ripe for exploration at any season, provide rich
content to reflect on global happenings around us, on our history and our current political landscape.
“Being part of a larger regional arts initiative of nearly 100 Jewish artists is very powerful. This shared experience
speaks to the importance of exploring our vast connections to Judaism through a communal artistic lens. “states
Robyn Awend, Sabes JCC’s Director of Cultural Arts and Coordinator of the Minneapolis Jewish Artists’ Lab.
The Jewish Artists’ Laboratory, a regional arts initiative engages six Midwest cities and over 100 Jewish artists;
Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, Kansas City & Cleveland. The Minneapolis Lab, through the Sabes JCC,
brings together over 40 artists’ work that represent an array of artistic media and Jewish content, each exploring a
unique connection to this year’s theme, Inside/Outside: Exploring Boundaries and Otherness. Now in its fifth
year, the Lab meets regularly, promoting ongoing dialogue and providing a platform for artwork through its many
stages. Together artists of varying artistic media and connections to Judaism explore how the exploration of
boundaries and otherness is relevant to their work, as individuals and to the community.
Participating artists include:
Tuvia Abramson, Aarah Aizman, Susan Armington, Robyn Awend, Barb Bank, Carolyn Light Bell, Joel Carter,
Jaymee Chanen, Toni Dachis, Sandra Felemovicius, Suzanne Fenton, Jonathan Gross, Rani Halpern, David J. Harris,
Bonnie Heller, Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin, Sylvia Horwitz, Jay Isenberg, Anita Konikoff, Lynda Monick-Isenberg,
Alison Morse, Gayle Novick, Aimee Orkin, Diane Pecoraro, Paula Leiter Pergament, Kris Prince, Jodi Rosen,
Phil Rosenbloom, Bonnie Rubinstein, Jan Rubenstein, David Sherman, Judy Snitzer, Sharon Stillman,
Rony Szleifer, Vivi Szleifer, Roslye Ultan, Susan Weinberg, Diane Windhorst, Rochelle Woldorsky,
Liba Zweigbaum-Herman, Sharon Zweigbaum
Lab Facilitators: Rabbi Alexander Davis & Meryll Page
The Midwest Jewish Artists’ Laboratory is generously supported by The Covenant Foundation.
For more information, visit or contact Robyn Awend, Director of Cultural Arts at