Weekly USY Night

Every week BERUSY hosts a fun and engaging program where you can see your friends, meet new people and gain new experience and knowledge in a variety of different ways. Each month there will be a program dedicated to each of these topics: Israel, Social Action and learning more about Judaism. We will also have plenty of our regularly amazing social programs as well!


Each month we will have a program that relates to Israel. We at Beth El are blessed to have so many members who have gone or are going to Israel on a summer program and are able to share with us, knowledge and experience to be able to provide fun and interesting programming for the Chapter! Programs range from Culture to Political Discussion to ways to getting to Israel.

Social Action/Tikkun Olam

This year at our Youth Outreach Retreat, the chapter members in attendance decided on a world issue that they wanted to learn about more in depth and be able to contribute more in helping the cause.

Learning about Judaism:

One of the unique things that BERUSY has to offer is it’s connection to Judiasm and all of the rituals that come with it. This year, once a month there will be a program that surrounds particular holidays and other rituals occuring that month.