About Foundation

About Foundation

With foresight, our leadership has determined that the best way to ensure the vitality and financial stability of our congregation is to establish the Beth El Synagogue Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to grow and manage our endowment funds which produce income to support our synagogue indefinitely. Meeting the needs of our congregation depends on a growing endowment, which will help provide for our current and future needs. Simply stated, our current endowment is insufficient to maintain and become the synagogue of tomorrow we strive to be.

Your Beth El Endowment Funds Will:

Strengthen Jewish Ethics and Values by Fashioning a Community of Learning
Our Aleph Preschool, b’nai mitzvah program and USY programs build Jewish identity. Additional resources for scholarships and youth programs will remove financial barriers for families who cannot access Jewish education and youth programs.

Provide Spiritual Guidance and Pastoral Support
Dynamic, thoughtful and sensitive clergy provide outstanding spiritual, educational and moral community leadership.  Additional resources will help enhance and retain our strong clergy team.

Lower Barriers to Participation by Endowing our Annual Membership
Members of our congregation are able to continue their membership in spite of financial limitations. Additional resources will help provide necessary financial support for those in need.

Open Hearts and Hands to Create a Caring Community
Acts of kindness (gemilat hesed) heal our community and our world. Beth El mobilizes congregants to respond to those in need. Additional resources will allow us to provide programs and resources such as our congregational nurse to improve the quality of life for all.

Maintain our Home through Facility Maintenance and Repair
Our beautiful building remains a comfortable home for our congregants and the community. Additional resources will ensure that Beth El and it’s grounds are well maintained for years to come.