Mission, Vision & Values


Beth El is a dynamic Jewish community that inspires young and old to embrace Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Chesed


To be a warm and welcoming home for spiritual growth and transformation, a covenantal community where Judaism bring purpose to our lives and holiness to our world.

During our strategic planning process, the Beth El staff and Board committee chairs met independently to identify and define the core values that should inform our decisions and daily
actions at Beth El. In furtherance of our Mission and Membership Statements, we reached consensus on the five values listed below: Ruchaniyut, Kehilla, Chiddush, Tikkun Hanefesh, and Tikkun Olam

Ruchaniut (Spirituality through God, Torah, Israel)

  • We strive to “walk in God’s ways,” upholding the covenant, living our values intentionally, and cherishing the mitzvot both in the synagogue as a collective as well as in our individual lives “at
    home and away, night and day.”
  • We believe that Judaism is an all-encompassing way of life, that a full Jewish life shapes our beliefs, behaviors and sense of belonging, that each person’s relationship to Judaism is unique
    and personal, and that we are called upon to grow in faith and faithfulness.
  • We are a beit knesset, a home of gathering for sacred-social occasions; a beit midrash, a home committed to life-long learning; and a beit tefilah, a home grounded in Jewish spiritual practices.
  • We are inheritors of a masorah (tradition) that we lovingly and actively bequeath to the next generation.
  • We are Ohavei Yisrael (lovers of Israel) who feel a special relationship with and obligation to the Jewish people and the Land and State of Israel.


Kehilla (Community)

  • We consider Beth El to be our home, where young and old are invited to gather and are welcomed as mishpacha (family).
  • We are a tapestry of different backgrounds, perspectives and beliefs.
  • We are committed to supporting each other and the institution of Beth El.
  • We offer opportunities for participation and engagement that are open to all.
  • We are focused on providing an environment that is safe for all and a building and premises that are physically secure.
  • We rely on community members for participation, leadership, volunteer support and financial contributions.


Chiddush (Innovation)

  • We are dedicated to learning from the past to shape the future.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement.
  • We recognize the ever-changing nature of our lives and of our world and respond with the timeless, ever-growing wisdom of Judaism and the agility and adaptability of Jewish community.
  • We are at the forefront of making Conservative/Masorti Judaism relevant in modern times.


Tikkun Hanefesh (Self-Improvement)

  • We show gratitude through words and deeds, through our generosity and selfless acts.
  • We practice humility: appreciating what we know and being curious about what we do not know, learning when to speak and when to listen, and understanding when to stand up and when to lean in.
  • We recognize the possibility of tshuva (repentance) for ourselves and others.
  • We face challenges and opportunities with patience, perseverance and positivity.
  • We live life with simcha (joy) and look with optimism to the future.
  • We are committed to truth, to fostering trust, and to creating a communal culture of transparency and integrity.


Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World)

  • We treat others with compassion and respect, recognizing each person is created b’tzelem Elohim (in God’s image).
  • We uphold our responsibility to comfort the bereaved, lift the downfallen, and support people through life’s challenges.
  • We work to bring communities together and serve as a catalyst to respond through our Jewish values to the critical needs and contemporary issues facing our planet and its inhabitants.
  • We act courageously to apply Jewish values to better our world by pursuing tzedek (righteousness), performing acts of chesed (lovingkindness), and striving for peace between people and between peoples.