Children will establish a strong sense of identity, develop a passion for learning and cultivate the instincts to positively impact their world.

We provide a nurturing environment that is physically safe and emotionally secure and a culture of mutual respect between students, teachers, families, and the community. We teach the whole child through a play-based model. We prioritize problem-solving skills, creativity, and critical thinking and foster children’s natural curiosity through exploration. We meet each child’s unique range of knowledge, interests, talents, needs, and learning styles. We are rooted in Judaics.


We guide our children to develop self-respect, pride, positive self-image, and personal initiative. We instill a love of living a Jewish life and being a part of a larger Jewish community through celebrating Jewish holidays, life cycle events, rituals, and prayers. We ensure children learn to see themselves as individuals and as part of a group through self-reflection and social interactions.

Love of Learning

Children learn through experience, and our play-based model allows children various opportunities to develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and critical thinking. With these robust toolkits, our children can successfully navigate and engage in the world around them. In order to maximize their development, we ensure that each child’s unique range of knowledge, interests, talents, needs, and learning styles are met.

We recognize that children need a balance of structured, unstructured, and guided playtime. We believe that children are naturally curious, and our role is to foster that sense of awe through wonderment and exploring their natural surroundings.

World Impact

Children will learn to understand themselves and their sense of belonging to the local and global community through immersion in Jewish spirituality, language, culture, and heritage. Our Jewish ethics embody universal human values. We encourage parents to deepen their engagement in their child’s learning by making connections within the community.

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