Kindergarten-4th Grade

“Mini Minyan” meets virtually on the first Shabbat of the month from 10-10:45 am. Children up to 4th grade and their families will enjoy this short, interactive service followed by fun parasha or holiday themed games and activities.

3rd-5th Grade

This “group” will meet once a month on a Sunday, and offer hands-on Judaic experiences and fun opportunities to socialize, virtually for the time being. The goal is to keep this group interested in the community and provide them with experiences that not only strengthen their own ties to Judaism, but also gives them tools to participate in family traditions and rituals. It also has the goal to bring B’nai Mitzvah students together as a community and strengthen bonds between Heilicher and Talmud Torah students while building aspects of Judaism.

6th-8th Grade

The Kadima Program, for 6th-8th graders, at Beth El Synagogue is a great taste of what the USY program has to offer when you reach High School. It is a great way for your children to stay active in the Jewish Community long after their B’nai Mitzvot.

We have once a month Regional programs (mostly on Sundays). There is also Kadima Kinnus, the Regional Retreat for 6th-8th graders, in the fall.

Eighth grade leaders will be in charge of our new program, Kadima Klubs. These Klubs can cover a variety of topics like Art Lovers, Theater Fans, Book Club, Football Fans, Gamers, Foodies, etc. They will virtually meet monthly and help to connect kids with those who have similar interests. The Klubs will enable Kadima-nicks to connect with others on a deeper level. Each group will have a Freshman Representative from the BERUSY Executive board assigned to oversee meetings and programs.


9th Grade

Mental Health Circle- Co Led by Naomi Heller, MSW, LICSW and Daniel Goldschmidt, MT-BC
Mental health is a topic that is at the forefront of many teens’ minds, especially with everything going on in the world. We will be offering activities, resources, and outlets to help guide this age into a lifelong journey in maintaining a healthy mental state and better understanding of mental health. In the first session the group will co-create goals for future sessions based on the needs of the participants. Some topics will include the difference between mental illness and mental health, healthy relationships and body image, and handling stress. This group is led by two mental health professionals, one of whom is a music therapist, so teens can expect to engage with mental health information in traditional and creative ways.

Meeting Dates: 10/6/20, 11/10/20, 1/5/21, 2/2/21, 3/2/21, 4/6/21, 5/4/21 

10th Grade

Jews in the News – Taught By Rabbi Olitzky and Jody Moreimi 
Since confirmation class has evolved over the years, the current iteration gives tenth graders the opportunity to explore their Judaism in their own way by using current events and “Jews in the News”. Questions and topics that might be discussed include but are not limited to: “What makes someone Jewish”, “How do I act as a Jew and as an American”, “modern Jewish stereotypes”, “Jewish dating”…etc. 

Meeting Dates: 10/13/20, 11/17/20, 1/12/21, 2/9/21, 3/9/21, 4/13/21, 5/4/21

11th Grade

College Application and Prep 101- Taught by Anne Hope 
This age is consumed with thoughts of college, keeping up with high school workloads and extracurricular activities, and finding a way to make themselves stand out from the rest of the crowd. This class will offer an out of the box way to provide support while applying to college, writing a unique essay, building your resume/what colleges are looking for…etc. all while giving you a group of like-minded peers to show you are not alone in this journey. Speakers will be brought in to help the teens identify and showcase their own unique potential. 

Meeting Dates: 10/27/20, 12/1/20, 1/19/21, 2/16/21, 3/16/21, 4/20/21, 5/11/21

12th Grade

Leadership and Life After High School – Taught by Polly Lehman
High school is ending and thoughts of “what’s next?” are strong among this age group. This group will focus on how to stay a strong leader and ensure that these teens don’t get lost after high school. Some topics will include: What happens when I move away from home? What are some basic life skills I need to be sure to have? How often can I call or come home? How do I not get lost in the crowd? What is the best way to build strong relationships with peers, superiors, teachers, and people who grew up differently than I did? 

Meeting Dates: 11/3/20, 12/15/20, 1/26/21, 2/23/21, 3/23/21, 4/27/21, 5/11/21

9th-12th Grade (USY)

USY, the youth group of the Conservative movement, stands for United Synagogue Youth. There are 17 regions around the United States and Canada which comprise International USY. Beth El USY is a member of Emtza Region. Emtza (which means middle in Hebrew) serves Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, part of Wisconsin, part of Montana, North and South Dakota, and Winnipeg.

Membership in USY automatically entitles you to participate in programs on all levels: Chapter, Regional, and International. Beth El USY is sponsored by Beth El Synagogue, an affiliate of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. USY begins at the chapter level, which is where we recruit members, train leaders, and service our congregation. The second level of USY involvement is the regional level. Emtza Region has a variety of annual activities that bring together members and leaders from around the Midwest. The third level of USY involvement is International programming. USY offers International Convention, USY Israel Pilgrimage, USY on Wheels, USY High, and much more!

USY was founded in 1948 right here at Beth El. Beth El USY, otherwise known as Beth El Rishon was the very first USY chapter! USY has grown from a handful of chapters to an International organization with nearly 20,000 high school age members. In 1964, KADIMA was formalized as a separate entity for 7th and 8th graders. USY was conceived as a means of meeting the social, educational, religious and recreational needs of our young people. USY seeks to involve our youth in synagogue life and help build the Jewish community of the future. USY is a Zionist organization trying to build a relationship between Israel and our members here in North America. Today, USY is still working towards these same goals.

Every week BERUSY hosts a fun and engaging program where you can see your friends, meet new people and gain new experience and knowledge in a variety of different ways. Each month there will be a program dedicated to each of these topics: Israel, Social Action and learning more about Judaism. We will also have plenty of our regularly amazing social programs as well!


Each month we will have a program that relates to Israel. We at Beth El are blessed to have so many members who have gone or are going to Israel on a summer program and are able to share with us, knowledge and experience to be able to provide fun and interesting programming for the Chapter! Programs range from Culture to Political Discussion to ways to getting to Israel.

Social Action/Tikkun Olam

This year at our Youth Outreach Retreat, the chapter members in attendance decided on a world issue that they wanted to learn about more in depth and be able to contribute more in helping the cause.

Learning about Judaism

One of the unique things that BERUSY has to offer is its connection to Judaism and all of the rituals that come with it. This year, once a month there will be a program that surrounds particular holidays and other rituals occuring that month.

If you or your child are interested in being updated on any youth happenings and want to be added to the email list, please contact Jody at with your email.