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The Pledge in St. Louis Park – A Weekly Letter by Rabbi Davis – July 5, 2019

Shalom Chaverim, I have spent the last two weeks travelling in Europe. I went to celebrate my niece’s bat mitzvah and added some vacation on to the family time. Upon returning, I was surprised to find our St Louis Park community embroiled in a self-made controversy. As I am sure you know, the City Council decided to drop the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance...

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Summer Fruit – A Weekly Letter From Rabbi Davis – June 14, 2019

Shalom Chaverim, One of the things I love most about summer is the fruit. As a kid, I remember going strawberry, blackberry and raspberry picking. I can still smell the aroma of berry pies and preserves filling our house. Thinking about fruit, a teaching comes to mind. Last week, we observed Shavuot. We think of the holiday as the holiday of Torah and of blintzes....

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Summer Flowers – A Weekly Letter From Rabbi Davis – July 12, 2019

Shalom Chaverim Before we headed out of town on vacation, I asked the children who live next door to water our flowerpots outside while we were gone. I left them written instructions and they willingly agreed. In years past, we’ve lost our beautiful summer planting when we’ve failed to make these arrangements. Throughout the Netherlands, we saw tulip bulbs for sale in stores.  We saw...

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Stand Next to the Mountain

Stand Next to the Mountain 20 Iyar 5779 | May 25, 2019 Rabbi Avi Olitzky

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Science and Religion – A Weekly Letter From Rabbi Davis – May 31, 2019

Shalom Chaverim, One of the stories I have been following recently is the spread of measles within the ultra-orthodox community. I find it baffling. Judaism is a tradition that cherishes life. Our Torah commands us, “ushmor nafshekha meod” to keep ourselves safe and our bodies healthy. We are rightly proud of the large numbers of Jewish doctors and scientists. And yet, there are anti-vaccinations rallies...

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Diversity/Unity – A Weekly Letter From Rabbi Davis – May 24, 2019

Shalom Chaverim Earlier this week, I had the privilege of attending Unity Sings at the Wat Thai Temple across Highway 100. Organized by the St Louis Park arts council, it brought together choirs from Beth El, Westwood Lutheran Church, students from Benilde St Margaret’s and the monks from the Temple. Each group presented songs, spoke about music in their tradition, and then we all sang...

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