Heschel Honor Society

Here at Beth El Synagogue, Heschel Honor Society is in its seventh year, and it has continuously made an enormous impact on those who are involved. We recognize that our teens are diverse in their interests, extracurricular activities and academic achievements. The Heschel Honor Society strives to cultivate the strengths and passions of a select number of talented teens—especially with Jewish life and learning. You are recognized in this capacity as a member of our own chapter of the international Abraham Joshua Heschel Honor Society.
As a member of the AJHHS, our students are committed to:

  1. The Study of Torah – Society members must take part in monthly learning sessions led by Rabbi Olitzky.
  2. Prayer (Avodah) – Society members must participate in congregational prayer at least four times a month – three of which should be on Shabbat.
  3. Acts of Loving Kindness (G’milut Hasadim) – At least once a month, society members must engage in at least two hours of community service.
No longer accepting sign ups for 2020-2021

Heschel Honor Society Members (2020-2021)

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Sarah Rappaport*
Malachi Gross*
Nina Miller*
Abby Meisler*
Oliver Salita*
Aviva Fisher*
Jonah Yousha*
Max Yousha*
Rebekah Gendler*
Ruby Livon
Noah Rutman*
Haya Fine
Noa Gross
Jacob Khabie*
Tobias Khabie*
Johnna Parks
Ayelet Prottas
Molly Schochet
Anya Schwartzberg*
Ben Aronow
Daniel Goldenberg
Gabriel Kaplan
Noah Orloff
Jonah Smith
Adin Zweigbaum

*denotes 2020-21 inductee