Strategic Planning

Beth El Strategic Planning Initiative

Mission-Vision-Goals | Approved in June, 2020

Please note that the goals stated below, along with the accompanying focus areas, are a direct outcome of the strategic planning process and represent the voices of our congregation. Board acceptance of this outcome and approval of the mission and vision is a critical first step as we develop the action plan, which will outline specific steps, accountability, timeline and metrics. 


Revised: Beth El is a dynamic Jewish community that inspires young and old to embrace Torah, Avodah, and Gemilut Chesed.

Current: Beth El is a dynamic Jewish community where our young and our old embrace torah, avodah, and gemilut hesed.

This is our purpose, the good we do in this world.

The revised version reflects a desire for a more active and inspirational statement.


Revised: To be a warm and welcoming home for spiritual growth and transformation, a covenantal community where Judaism brings purpose to our lives and holiness to our world

Current: Beth El will always be a warm and caring community where Judaism is relevant and meaningful.

This is the impact or outcome we seek as we live into our mission. The old version was considered by most as soft and not particularly inspirational.

The new version emphasizes the transformation we seek, our covenant with God and one another, and the importance of doing more than just simply be a nice community; rather, we seek to live purposeful lives that impact the world. It also includes the board’s recommendation to retain some of the warmth from the currentvision.

Three-Year Goals

• The left-hand column states our GOALS, the major things we must do to achieve our mission and vision.
• The right-hand column notes the congregation’s TOP AREAS FOR FOCUS OR IMPROVEMENT. These
are not our only priorities; rather, they are the ones noted for explicit attention.

ENGAGEMENT: Offer dynamic programming that builds belonging and engagement.
  • Reinvigorated teen programming
  • Improved 2nd–5 th grade programming
  • More focus on welcome, inclusion (e.g., to mixed marriage and same sex couples, people with special needs, those of various levels of observance)
SPIRITUALITY: Deepen the spiritual life for the Beth El community.
  • Worship services that preserve our traditions, yet evolve to be
    relevant to our lives today
  • Broadened options for spirituality (e.g., music, yoga, dance)

Beth El Strategic Planning Initiative

Mission-Vision-Goals | Approved in June, 2020

COMMUNITY: Expand compassion and healing within and beyond Beth El’s walls.
  • Expanded programming to serve and care for seniors
  • Sustained focus on Tikkun Olam, social action/social justice
LEADERSHIP: Develop greater leadership capacity throughout the congregation.
  • Clergy model that supports strategic vision and priorities
  • Improved board recruitment, development and functioning
  • Expanded staff training
  • Engaged lay leadership
OPERATIONS: Ensure appropriate systems and resources to support the aspirations of Beth El.
  • Improved communications (transparency in decision-making, platforms such as the website)
  • Realistic three-year financial model
  • Appropriate staffing
  • Increased focus on engaging and mobilizing volunteerism