Community Learning @ The Well

Cultural Arts and Travel

Judaica and Jewish culture enrich Jewish life and enhance Jewish living. More broadly, the arts bring beauty to our lives and provide new perspectives on the world. They express the language of the soul, open a window on the sacred and teach us to see the holy in the ordinary.

More than a trip to see beautiful sites and learn interesting things, a Jewish heritage tour is a spiritual journey of discovery the reveals the treasures of Jewish life, that opens our soul to the stories of our people and that creates life-long community and special memories along the way.

Family Trip to Israel | With Rabbi Alexander Davis
Winter of 2020

Itinerary still in formation.  Contact Rabbi Davis to learn more about this unique adventure.



Tour To Germany | With Cantor Audrey Abrams
October 11-21, 2020

This is a journey of discovery- seeking the origins and celebrating the achievements of Ashkenazi Jews, from earliest origins of the banks of the river Rhine all the way to the East and to the ports from which Jews set sail for the “West.”  Itinerary information HERE


 From Rembrandt to Rashi
Sunday mornings, February 2020 | 10:00 am

Explore the world of Torah through the artist’s lens with Rabbi Davis.




 Reading Jewish Lives

We will read two biographies as a community, engage in small group discussions, and enjoy livestreamed presentations by the authors. 




Friday Braid & Learn

Braid challah and learn Torah with Rabbi Davis on Friday mornings in this unique study opportunity.






For more information on any of these programs, please contact Liz Rappaport at or 952.873.7314.