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Vibrant learning to satisfy our thirst for understanding and need for community.

With a diverse array of compelling and accessible learning opportunities, The Well nourishes our lives, regardless of our background, affiliation or faith. Building on our individual interests and acknowledging our questions and doubts with intellectual rigor and spiritual sensitivity, The Well deepens our understanding of our lives, of Judaism and of the world around us.


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Drink from The Well to…

Broaden your perspectives
Inspire your creativity
Motivate your pursuit of justice
Strengthen your relationships
Bind you to Jewish tradition
Teach you to live mindfully with compassion
Sense M’kor Mayim Chayim, The Source of Living Waters in our midst

Upcoming Event Highlights

Scholar In Residence | Rabbi Matt Berkowitz
April 5-7, 2019

A Shabbat of learning with Jerusalem based artist and rabbi, Matt Berkowitz. His unique, colorful, and “out of the box” rabbinate focuses on the intersection of art, Israel and Judaism.



Antisemitism: Here and Now – A Conversation Series
April 11, 30 and May 22 | 7:00 pm

Read Deborah Lipstadt’s recent book Antisemitism Here and Now and join us for a three-part conversation.  More information HERE.