Executive Board

Shira Aronow

Koby Davis
Engagement Vice President

Seth Kristal
Programming Vice President

Toby Khabie
Israel Affairs Representative

Johnna Parks
Religion/Education Representative

Liz Madigan
Social Action/Tikkun Olam Representative

Tamar Gewirtz
Membership/Kadima Representative

Alana Weiser
Communications Secretary

Rebekah Gendler, Abby Meisler, Zeke Rischall, & Henry Salita
Freshman Representatives

Gabe Kaplan & Ayelet Prottas
Ex-Officios: EMTZA Representatives

General Board

Molly Schochet
Youth Outreach Weekend (YOW) Chair

Aviva Fisher, Jacob Khabie, & Josh Madigan
Tikkun Olam Board

Josh Bagley & Noah Rutman
Engagement Committee

Ben Aronow & Molly Schochet
Purim Carnival Chairs

Eleanor Fink, Dani Krider, & Molly Schochet
Scrapbook Committee and Photographers

Program Advisors

Dan Geller, 10th-12th Grade
Polly Lehman, 7th-9th Grade
Sarah Rader, 4th-6th Grade

Kadima Klubs

Leaders and Klubs for the 2020-2021 school year will be announced shortly!

Informal Youth Engagement Steering Committee (iYES)

Mission Statement:

The mission of iYES is to help provide for the safety and well-being of our youth, in part, by creating policy, volunteering, advocating, communicating and fundraising. Further, it is the goal of the committee to provide our youth with an enriching Jewish environment – religious, educational and social – in order to stimulate their positive growth as a proud Jewish leader.

Council Members

Pam Goldfarb Liss and Anne Hope
iYES Co-Chairs

Ali Berdass
Sarah Salita
Shana Melendez
Michele Meisler
Sheryl Sue Warren
Parent Representatives

Michelle Parks
Volunteer Coordinator

Barb Friedman

Jeff Prottas
Board Representative