Executive Board

Jenna Simon

Hannah Wolk
Israel Affairs Representative

Yonah Davis
Programming Representative

Eitan Weinstein
Religion/Education Representative

Abigail Yousha
Social Action/Tikkun Olam Representative

Dena Rosen
Membership/Kadima Representative

Mari Simon
Communications Secretary

Gabe Kaplan and Jonah Smith
Freshman Representatives

Elliot Schochet and Lily Smith
Ex-Officios: EMTZA Representatives

General Board

Liz Shapiro & Andy Weisman
Youth Outreach Weekend (YOW) Chairs

Shira Aronow & Julia Salita
Youth Outreach Weekend (YOW) Committee

Esther Gendler
Dinner Theater Chair

Shira Aronow & Koby Davis
Dinner Theater Committee

Dani Rosen
Purim Carnival Chairs

Ben Aronow, Leo Besikof, Jack Bernstein
Purim Carnival Committee

Maya Smith, Sofia Seewald, Koby Davis, Mira Malka
SA/TO General Board

Sofia Seewald and Ari Braverman

Ivy Greenberg and Sarah Yousha
Convention Chairs

Ben Aronow, Shira Aronow, Ilana Baum, Jack Bernstein, Leo Besikof, Ari Braverman, Koby Davis, Tamar Gewirtz, Mira Malka, Julia Salita
Freshman General Board

Kadima Council

Council Members

8th Grade

Delaney Fogel
Avelet Prottas
Molly Schochet
Seth Kristal
Lauren Vegas

Youth Commission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Beth El Youth Commission is to help provide for the safety and well-being of our teenagers, in part, by creating policy, volunteering, advocating, communicating and fundraising. Further, it is the goal of the Youth Commission to provide our teenagers with an enriching Jewish environment – religious, educational and social – in order to stimulate their positive growth as a proud Jewish teenager.


Estee Warsett
Youth Commission Chair

Dana Beth Weisman
Fundraising Chair

Liz Pomish
Volunteering Chair

Stacey Pinck
Standards Chair

Michelle Parks
Dinner Theater Liaison

Jeff Prottas
Kadima Representative

Alan Yousha
Beth El Executive Board Representative