Ways to Give

Giving Retirement Plan Assets or Life Insurance

Retirement Plan Assets

By naming Beth El as a beneficiary or tax-deferred retirement accounts you can make a tax-efficient gift to the synagogue while possibly avoiding income and estate taxes that are involved when transferring assets to heirs. Because retirement assets pass free of income & estate taxes, the full value of your gift can be used to support the Beth El community.

To make a charitable gift of retirement assets, simply designate Beth El Synagogue or Foundation as a beneficiary of the account(s), using the forms provided by your plan administrator – you will be able to designate Beth El to receive a specific percent or amount of the assets in the account(s). During your life, you (the donor) has full-control over these assets, and can revise beneficiaries at any time. At the point of death, assets directly pass to Beth El free of income & estate taxes.

Information on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please consult your professional advisor for information on how any gift may affect your tax situation.

Life Insurance

Your life insurance policy can be a valuable asset to make a charitable gift to benefit Beth El. There is no minimum amount to contribute to Beth El in this way, and proceeds are paid immediately following death and are not subject to probate.

You can make a gift of life insurance proceeds by designating Beth El Synagogue or Foundation as a beneficiary (some or all of the proceeds) using the forms provided by your insurance company.

To find out more about how a gift of life insurance can make an lasting impact at Beth El, please contact our Director of Charitable Giving, Matt Walzer, at 952.873.7309 or mwalzer@bethelsynagogue.org.