History Project

Preserve Your Beth El Story

The Beth El History Committee is committed to preserving the history of Beth El Synagogue, from its inception in the 1920s through today. The goal of this project is to formally document the story, through documents, photos, oral histories, and artifacts and preserve it in a permanent exhibit in the Beth El building, as well as in the Jewish Archives of the Upper Midwest.

You are a critical part of this effort. Your contributions of narrative, photos and/or artifacts are key to completing the story. Think about your time at Beth El Synagogue. Consider the programs, life cycle events, accomplishments, milestones, and even challenges that were/are part of your Beth El experience. The narrative history that you provide, from your personal perspective, will be woven into a historical timeline to document the Beth El Story. This history will provide a foundation for future generations as they chart the ongoing course and vision for Beth El.

Please fill in the form below and a member of our committee will contact you to collect your story – No story is too small!

Thank you for your thoughts, memories and participation in this important project.

The Beth El History Committee
Bonnie Heller, chair