Religious Life

Jane Andersen-Flam

Assistant Director of Aleph Preschool


Jane Andersen-Flam is the assistant director of Aleph Preschool. Her time at Aleph Preschool started as a parent and progressed to a lead teacher before joining the administration team. Prior to becoming a lead teacher at Aleph Preschool, Jane devoted her time and attention to raising her two children, Ani and Luka.

She is passionate about providing a loving and nurturing environment for young children and ensuring the teaching team has a workplace they enjoy being a part of and are encouraged to grow both professionally and personally. If she is not working with Karen in the office, she can be seen around the school, working alongside the teachers, and engaging with the students. Jane is currently in school working towards her master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Organizational Leadership and resides in Robbinsdale, MN.